With the support of the City of Barcelona, the Consorci purchased plots from the Ministry of Defence, which were the site of the former Sant Andreu military barracks. The idea was to develop a space which would offer new facilities for the district: parks and residential areas with subsidised, social and private housing.

The architect and urban planner Manuel de Solà-Morales designed the urban improvement plan, with the premise of retaining multiple uses in each of the buildings. 36,000 m2  will be allocated to twelve new facilities, 41,000 m2  will be allocated to parks and green areas, 22,500 m2  will be designated for residential use and 14,000 m2  will be assigned to roadways.

Several facilities are already operating: the Mossos d’Esquadra (regional police) barracks, the CEIP Eulalia Bota public elementary school, the Barcelona School Workshop (Taller Escola Barcelona – TEB) and the health and social centre. The Consorci agreed with the IMAS to build a health and social centre, which was completed in 2011. It was built by the Consorci as a project fit for immediate use and on lease to the Catalan Health Service (CatSalut) for a term of 29 years.

The complex, designed by architect Manuel Brullet – of the firm Brullet i Associats – has a primary care centre with a capacity to serve 25,000 people and a primary care team within the areas of general medicine, paediatrics, continuing care, health education and minor surgery.

In September 2014, the Isabel Roig Health Centre – Sant Andreu Barracks – was practically completed with the addition of a hospitalisation area (235 beds).

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