Environmental policy

In 2006 the organisation started integrating environmental values in the Consorci de la Zona Franca (CZFB) structure. An environmental management system was defined to stipulate procedures, audits and objectives. These were then built into the organisation’s actions and decisions. This environmental commitment crystallised in 2009 when the organisation received Spain’s first environmental certification granted to an industrial estate for the management of its public areas.

In compliance with the environmental sustainability policy, the organisation has worked to reduce direct aspects such as water and energy consumption in the corporate building, the Zona Franca industrial estate and the Nexus II and Media-TIC buildings. Such practices have earned the ISO 14001 certification and the European EMAS certification.

All information is reflected in the annual environmental report published by the organisation in accordance with the EMAS European standard.

You can access the CONSORCI’s environmental policy here.