• Barcelona New Economy Week (BNEW) will feature 5 global events in the sectors of Logistics, Real Estate, Digital Industry, eCommerce and Economic Zones to boost Knowledge, Innovation & Talent.


  • It will be a hybrid B2B that will combine a face-to-face part with a technological platform to enable professionals from all over the world to be present.



  • All the Consorci fairs (SIL, BMP, eDelivery Barcelona and SIL Americas) will be postponed until 2021. This year, their content will be integrated as part of BNEW – Barcelona New Economy Week.


Barcelona, 19th of May 2020. – The Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona has presented this morning to the media a new disruptive and innovating event committed to the possibilities and the change of economic paradigm that the new technologies offer to help revive the economy. BNEW – Barcelona New Economy Week will take place from 6 to 9 October simultaneously in different Barcelona emblematic venues. BNEW will not be a fair but a B2B event -100% professional- and with a hybrid nature -physical and digital- that will bring together global events in the Logistics, Real Estate, Digital Industry, Ecommerce and Economic Zones sectors, all with a common denominator: the new economy.

que “BNEW se celebrará en distintos edificios singulares de Barcelona, todos ellos con espacios abiertos, diáfanos, digitales y comprometidos con la Agenda 2030 y apostará por las posibilidades, nuevas formas y cambio de paradigma económico que ofrecen las nuevas tecnologías”. Navarro ha añadido que “Barcelona será del 6 al 9 de octubre la capital mundial de la nueva economía con un gran evento que ayudará a reactivar la economía del territorio y a su tejido empresarial, ofrecerá una gran oferta de valor a los principales sectores económicos, creará oportunidades y sinergias entre los sectores de la logística, el inmobiliario, el ecommerce, la industria digital y las zonas económicas, acelerará la innovación y apoyará el talento”.

During the presentation act, the special delegate of the State at the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, Pere Navarro, ha explained that “BNEW will be held in different singular buildings in Barcelona. They will be open, diaphanous and committed to the 2030 Agenda and will encourage the possibilities, new forms and change in paradigm that the new technologies are offering”. Navarro has added that “On 6 – 9 October Barcelona will be the new economy world capital with a great event that will help to revive our country’s economy and its business fabric and will be of great value to the main economic industries, creating opportunities and synergies among the sectors of logistics, real estate, ecommerce, digital industry and economic zones, accelerating innovation and encouraging talent.”

For her part, the managing director of the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, Blanca Sorigué, stated that “this is a new event never seen before as such and I am sure it will be a revolution that will make a difference in the future of new events. BNEW will create synergies between the 5 activity sectors that will be present, exploring opportunities and moving forward together in a collaborative environment.” At the same time, the managing director of the CZFB has explained that “Barcelona New Economy Week is imbued with a new way of thinking and doing. It will be a meeting point where business deals and progress will merge with the cultural, architectural and art wealth of an avant-garde city such as Barcelona.”

A fresh format with Knowledge Podiums

BNEW’s knowledge proposal is based on podiums for all participants to develop and expand their knowledge, solve doubts, anticipate the future and get feed-back from other experts in an unprecedented, agile and innovative format. Knowledge podiums consist of Inspirational Talks, discussions, in-depth interviews with unique professionals, and panels. BNEW will cover in-depth topics aimed at company executives and dashboards to achieve maximum performance, both personally as well as for their teams. Among the main Inspirational Speakers who have already confirmed their participation in BNEW, it is worth highlighting Celia Tham, entrepreneur and technologist, Luca Lazzarini, expert in training and commercial communication, Marc Vidal, expert in digital transformation and 4.0. economy, Elsa Punset, expert in education and emotional intelligence applied to change, Alicia Asín, expert in artificial intelligence, IoT and Big Data, or Sandra Pina, expert in sustainability and business, among others.

With regard to the sectorial debates, the topics to be featured include the post-Covid-19 activity and commercial relationship, digitization, 5G, new technologies, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), equal professional opportunities for men and women, the challenges of cybersecurity, 4.0 industry, the Brexit consequences, entrepreneurship, etc. The BNEW knowledge offer will be completed with interviews with unique professionals who have stood out for their contribution to the paradigm shift of some business models or have made significant contributions in their sectors or fields of action, as well as with expert panels that will develop themes of interest.

The BNEW knowledge offer can be followed in person -with a prior reservation- or via streaming, from anywhere in the world, live or delayed, through the BNEW digital platform.

A very powerful networking offer that will open new horizons

The networking activity will be one of the most powerful and outstanding aspects of BNEW, since it will give access to a wide contact agenda, schedule face-to-face meetings and provide digital contacts from anywhere in the world. Therefore, it will boost the creation of productive relationships, optimizing the time of the participants with the appropriate target and generating the maximum opportunities for companies. BNEW Networking activity will supply face-to-face contact agendas based on the needs and searching made by each of the participants. Meanwhile, potential clients and collaborators will be able to contact through the digital platform.

The BNEW digital platform will put in contact the participants’ mutual interests based on their needs as expressed at the time of registration. This process will be carried out with crossed data from the 5 participating sectors: Logistics, Real Estate, Digital Industry, Ecommerce and Economic Zones.

The latest in innovation and trends and a great commitment to talent

BNEW will also be the ideal place to launch disruptive products and services. It will be a space to discover each sector’s latest trends and innovations in order to strengthen the companies’ competitive advantages. It will be possible to see and become familiar with these innovations in a sensorial way, in a face-to-face mode, and in the form of audiovisual presentations through the BNEW platform. All this will be taking place from October 6 to 9 in Barcelona.

To see two images of the presentation click here and here.


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